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The Reamstown Fire Company No. 1 hosts various raffles throughout the year. These raffles are run through our square site at the link below. Please read the Raffle Rules before participating in one of our raffles.

Raffle Rules

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of Pennsylvania to purchase a ticket

  2. Winner must claim the prize within 90 days of the drawing or the prize will be forfeited.

  3. A debit card must be used to purchase a ticket.

  4. The Reamstown Fire Company, No. 1 will retain a roster of participants. Roster is available for inspection with prior notice.

  5. Participant will receive a picture of purchased ticket(s) by text or email. Ticket(s) will be mailed upon request.

  6. The drawing will be held at the Reamstown Fire Company, 12 W. Church St. Stevens, PA 17578 at the specified date/time on the tickets. This drawing is open to anyone that purchased tickets and will also be live-streamed on the Reamstown Fire Company Facebook page. Winner need not be present at the drawing to collect.

  7. Raffles will be announced on our web site and on our Facebook page. Each online raffle will include a unique link for Square, an online marketplace where we “sell” our raffle chances.

  8. Regardless of whether all tickets are sold, the raffle drawing will take place on the time and date on the ticket.


In compliance with Pennsylvania Small Games of Chance regulations, the following conditions are in place:


A roster of raffle ticket purchasers will be provided to the fire company by the Square Marketplace. In compliance with Pennsylvania Small Games of Chance regulations, every raffle ticket purchased is converted into a numbered paper ticket with a detachable stub that includes the ticket number, name, address and phone number of the purchaser. Prior to the drawing, the stub is detached and placed in a container. The winner of the raffle will be drawn from the stubs in that container during the live drawing. All ticket stubs and a roster of those purchasing tickets for each raffle will be retained by the Reamstown Fire Company. These stubs and/or roster are available for inspection on a mutually agreed upon time, date and location by notifying the Reamstown Fire Company in writing.

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